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HOW HAS THE ROLE OF THE AGENT CHANGED?  When I first started in the real estate business the agent was the source of virtually all information. There were yard signs and newspaper ads that directed a prospect to call the agent. At that point the agent did all of the searching for other compatible listings. The late 1980’s saw the computer and the internet creep into the real estate industry. In the 1990’s there was a real fear that the internet would replace the real estate agent. Many people from high tech industries flocked toward real estate as a career only to find that real estate requires a high degree of personal contact. The experienced agents who did not learn high tech skills gradually dropped out of the industry. The new high tech folks who had no people skills quickly learned that being one dimensional was not the right formula either. Today’s agent are a combination of high tech and high touch skills. The Buyer has become their own search engine with all of the information out there on the net. But the net cannot tell you everything you need to know about a property or a neighborhood nor can it guide you through the ever increasingly complicated process of buying and selling a house. The real estate agent is here to stay.

Tony Craver, Broker-in-Charge